Caughey Preston, a safe, secure and loving rest home for elderly people.
Caughey Preston, accommodation for elderly people.

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Caughey Preston will be recognised as a centre of excellence in the provision of quality residential services for older people.

We will achieve our Vision through our:


Caughey Preston will provide a comprehensive blend of quality services, delivered with care and compassion, which address changing needs, and respect the worth and dignity of older people to achieve life enhancing outcomes.

and our:


Compassion: A caring attitude and approach focused on client needs, families and staff where people are of infinite worth.
Respect: Treating people, both internal and external to the organisation, with dignity. Respecting their individuality. Imparting a personal touch in everything we do.
Attitude of Excellence: Exceeding expectations by delivering high quality clinical care, high quality social activities and consistency of service.
Overlying Co-operative Spirit: Where all share the philosophy and where collective expertise is harnessed and channeled in pursuit of the goals of the organisation
    Our specific business objectives are our


  Focus on Clients
  1. We will be focused on client needs and acknowledge and respect the worth of older people.
  Focus on Staff
  1. We will be a first choice employer providing training, support processes and systems to allow people to achieve their full potential, in a culture of shared values of compassion, respect, an attitude of excellence and an overlying co-operative spirit.
  Focus on Systems & Processes
  1. Our systems and processes will reflect our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, maximizing efficiencies and effectiveness and ensuring compliance.
  Focus on Resource Management
  1. Our resources will be managed effectively and be optimized to support our service  mix.
  Focus on Results
  1. Responsible management will ensure predictable and acceptable bottom line results and our investments will be optimized.
  Focus on Stakeholder Association
  1. We will develop exceptional communications and leadership within and on behalf of the Aged Care Sector.
  Focus on Service Mix
  1. We will provide a unique blend of services of high standard which address changing needs and achieve life enhancing outcomes.